FN’s Report – Oct 16th, 2011.

Worthy Sirs:

It has been a busy time! What with Thanksgiving, working 60-hour weeks; it really leaves very little time for the important things in life… God, Family and the Knights of Columbus.

On my part, I have been remiss in my duties. Coming home late every night has a way of playing havoc with one’s To-Do-list. This in no way excuses my tardiness at giving such late notice to the membership for the meeting request. In fact, those of you in the Executive also fell victim to my late Executive meeting! I’d like to thank those who took time off their busy schedule to show up at my place last Wednesday for the meeting…thank goodness the Audit is done!  I just remembered that it has to be sent out as well!

And so goes life.

I expect to be addressing very few members today. I did not receive many replies to my email, which is something that I hope Sir Knights of the assembly would rectify soon. It is, after all, quite rude to ignore someone who invites you for anything at all, much less a meeting! As mentioned earlier, for this particular meeting, it is completely my fault, and I commend and thank those who actually did find the time to get back to me, even with the short notice provided. I hope to never give such short notice again.

My role as Faithful Navigator is to map out the path of the Assembly. The first order of business is of course, the meetings. To that end,  I will be proposing a calendar. This calendar will be emailed out, at first, and then, published on the web. Your executive will assist me in filling out that calendar of events and with that published, hopefully, there will be no more last-minute nonsense.

And now a short anecdote about life. I already shared this with the Executive, but wish to put it down on paper, as a testimony of the way God works with us.

On Thanksgiving Monday, I have made it a small tradition to take my daughters and wife with me to mass with the Poor St Claires. And so, rainy monday morning, I rouse everyone up. Nobody’s in a good mood to wake up so early after having spent the previous night partying and feasting. But I am dogged in my task.

We go to mass, where amongst other things, we hear that the Pope has granted a plenary indulgence to mark the 200th anniversary of the the order. Wow! I was glad I woke everyone up! Father’s homily was also very thought-provoking.  It centred on the human desire to always want MORE. And how, true THANKSGIVING was not about more, but being thankful of what we have.

This was resonating in me as I drove home and, as is always the case when I pop into Mission, into the usual gas station to fuel up old Mercedes.  A lady there called over to me and asked me: “Hi there, would you like to have two more of those?” Surprised, I asked her what she meant. And she explained that she had two Mercedes, just like mine, and wanted to give them to me! Well, what to make of that? Fortunately, father’s words were still in my head, as I said :Yes, of course!

What I was saying yes to, was to take the cars, and give them to a friend of mine, my mechanic, who’s many times told me he wished he could find a nice one like mine. And well, here there were two being given to me. I called him up right away, and well, of course he said yes.

God-willing, we pick up the two cars and go home happy sometime before the end of this month. Yes, be thankful, for He appears in many strange ways and gives you all sorts of opportunities to do good.

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