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This page is dedicated to the actions of fine Sir Knights from other assemblies. We invite FNs and CCs everywhere to send us your stories and help us get the word out there…. of Knights in service to others.

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  1. koc2701 May 7, 2013 at 6:01 am # Reply

    From Sir Knight Patrick Shafli, Faithful Admiral, PFN, Pope John Paul Assembly 3038. Regarding the funeral for the late SK Germain Fortier.

    The prayers for SK Germain were very well attended.

    13 Sir Knights were present in regalia, including SK Tony Pimental, Master of the 4th Degree for the BC/Yukon, and SK Henri Thiessen (FM from WA state and close friend of SK Germain), and SK Elemer Lazar, District Marshall.

    SK Germain’s blue chapeau, his sword, and gloves were positioned on the casket after the pall had been draped over it.

    The 4th Degree Honour Guard saluted as the entourage passed by, and guards were posted by the Marshall throughout the service.

    Fr Abundo from St Luke’s joined Fr Au for the service, and led the Rosary part of it.

    After the Rosary, the Marshall and two guards removed the sword chapeau and gloves temporarily, so that the casket could be positioned for viewing, upon which another pair of SK Knights were posted at the casket for the duration of the viewing.

    For the funeral, we had FM SK Henri join us again and a total of 24-25 SK’s in regalia for the Honour Guard.

    Unfortunately, both the Master and the Marshall had other commitments and were unable to join us, and Assembly 3083’s Colour Commander SK John Work, took charge of the Honour Guard.

    It was wonderful to see and meet so many SKs from Assemblies across the Lower mainland who turned out to pay their respects to our brother SK Germain and his family.

    The funeral was preceded by an eulogy by SK Germain’s only son, Ron. The funeral Mass was concelebrated by Fr Au and Fr Larre, who also preached the homily.

    Nine PSDs clad in white jackets formed a squad of ‘honorary pall bearers’ who lined up outside the church in front of the Honour Guard while the casket was being removed to the hearse, thus forming two rows on either side of the ramp, the inner composed of Past State Deputies, and the outer rows being the SKs in regalia.

    In keeping with tradition, the funeral procession paused in the vestibule, where the Colour Commander removed SK Germain’s chapeau sword and gloves, and presented them to his son Ron

    The prayers were very well attended by a large number of mourners, and St Patrick’s church was completely filled for the funeral Mass.

    As befits a PSD, the Knights of Columbus was very strongly represented at both services with members of Council 5566 and Assembly 3083 (SK Germain’s home council and assembly) very much in evidence.

    State Deputy Wil Wilmot and State Deputy Elect Ed Shawchuk were also present.

    A reception followed the funeral Mass.

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