FN Reports – Sept 18.2011

Worthy Sirs:

I bid you a hearty welcome and am very glad to see all of you back here today, for the first meeting of the Fraternal Year, 2011-2012. I am glad to be of service as your Navigator and trust and pray that all of you will give me your support as I promise to do my best as your new Faithful Navigator. Now on to business:

Summer has been a great time, I’m sure. What’s even more interesting is that a very important aspect of our particular Assembly has been hard at work during the summer months…helping to spread the message of Columbianism, as well as assisting our brothers in other areas of BC and Yukon. I am speaking, of course, of our very own…Santa Maria float!

Now SK Rick McArthur would be here if not for a convention that he has to attend in Kelowna today, but I will present a brief report on his behalf later about the hard work our Santa Maria has been doing (of course, this does not take away from the hard work of the SKs involved in prepping as well as arranging the events – SKs Rick McArthur and Wayne Turner).

Today will also witness the installation of officers of our Assembly. I received a text message from our Worthy Master Tony Pimentel, that his flight from Saskatoon left 30 minutes later and thus he will be late. SK Tony will be going out of his way to come perform the installation with us and we should show our appreciation when he appears with a hearty round of applause. After all, SK Tony lives in Richmond, and he could very well just go straight home from Saskatoon, but was more than willing to come down here to be with us today.

We also welcome into the Executive, the father and son team of Mark and Zeus Custodio who will join us as Faithful Scribe and Faithful Outer Sentinel. I trust that the assembly will give them their full support. I for one, will be preparing all my Navigator Reports before-hand and print them out. The Worthy Scribe will then only need to paste that into the Minutes of meeting, thereby saving immense time and effort. I encourage all my fellow officers to do likewise. Of course, the added benefit of all this prepping before-hand, is that meetings will be shorter and more time can be spent on matters other than boring, but essential reports.

Finally, I would also like to take this moment to thank my wife (yes, she’s not here to hear it, but I bet she will eventually hear about it). She’s been my inspiration, and frankly, she’s the one responsible for all the little things that make me look good…such as my bowtie here. Her ladies programme will carry the theme of Recycling. I’m sure the ladies will find her programmes highly interesting…and we will enjoy our wives’s renewed interest in our 4th degree meetings. Hopefully, word gets around, and we’ll have better attendance to talk about the things we talk about. And with that, I end my Navigator’s report with this beautiful line from today’s gospel: Thus, the last will be first. And the first will be last. Vivat Jesus!

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