Colour Commander’s Report

November 11th, 2011.

Worthy Sirs:

Four Knights attended in Regalia that cold and wet morning. Faithful Navigator, Sir Knight Mark Pan, Sir Knight Greg Lazar, Sir Knight Larry Forseille and myself, District Marshall, Sir Knight Elemer Lazar.

In addition, we had Deputy Grand Knight Rick Gagne of Poco Council 9125, brothers, Todd Delaurier, brother _________________ and brother _______________…all from Poco Council 9125.

The Regalia unit formed up at the entrance of the Hall where the memorial was to be held, saluted the flag bearers as they marched in. After the service, the Regalia unit again formed up to salute the flag bearers as they marched out to begin the March to the Cenotaph.

We were positioned right behind the main band, the Fire Deparment band and were one of the first few to reach the Cenotaph.

Amazingly, the rain which we walked through to get to the hall, had completely stopped by the time we formed up and started marching.

At the Cenotaph, Worthy Deputy GK and Sir Knight Rick Gagne placed the wreath, escorted by SK Greg Lazar and myself and I dismissed all the regalia units with thanks after this ceremony.

I would like to thank all the brother knights who showed up in spite of the heavy rains to pay tribute to and show the city that the Knights of Columbus is one organization that takes patriotism seriously.