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Elijah Roy – the boy who would be Knight of Columbus!

The following is written by Rick Gagne, Deputy Grand Knight of Council 9125, Port Coquitlam. It is posted here for posterity and for more people to read the story of Elijah Roy.  On May 11, we were blessed when Elijah Roy donned the Knights Regalia, fulfilling his dream to become a “Knight of Columbus” for […]

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The Year of Faith

APOSTOLIC LETTER “MOTU PROPRIO DATA” PORTA FIDEI OF THE SUPREME PONTIFF BENEDICT XVI FOR THE INDICTION OF THE YEAR OF FAITH 1. The “door of faith” (Acts 14:27) is always open for us, ushering us into the life of communion with God and offering entry into his Church. It is possible to cross that threshold when […]

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March for Life May 9th

Worthy Sirs: Here’s a missive from the Coquitlam Pro-Life Society Coquitlam Pro-Life Society Details: A bus will leave All Saints at 7:00 AM sharp on May 9th. Reservations are on a first come first serve basis. Contact: Telephone Mike at the parish office, 604-939-1741. We will be collecting $5.00 per person for the bus drivers. Let’s go for […]

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The Art of Manliness

Kyle Nielsen of Man Alive fame sent me an email with an amazing blog titled The Art of Manliness. Kyle writes: I somehow stumbled upon this superbly cool blog. As the name indicates, it’s dedicated to helping men discover the lost art of being authentically manly.  While not faith-based, it’s quickly become one of my favourites […]

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The bureaucrat’s crusade

Father Raymond J. de Souza on bullying: Agreement ought to be possible, unless agreement is not sincerely being sought. The government of Ontario has launched an anti-bullying initiative for schools. The initiative draws particular attention to bullying on matters of sexual identity and has mandated student clubs as one remedy. The province’s proposed legislation says that […]

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Where have all the Churches gone? Where Have the Churches Gone? Posted on February 24, 2010 by Father Joe ill and Susan are both baptized Catholics. But they rarely went to Mass. You might see them in the pews at Christmas and Easter, but that is about it. One Easter they came to Mass and had the surprise of their lives. The parking […]

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A church for Sinners

A Church for Sinners Posted on November 1, 2010 by Father Joe any years ago I was counseling a man who had stopped going to church. He said that he did not have to go to services to pray and that the churches were filled with hypocrites anyway. I admitted that there was some truth to his accusation; […]

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