The Art of Manliness

Kyle Nielsen of Man Alive fame sent me an email with an amazing blog titled The Art of Manliness. Kyle writes:

I somehow stumbled upon this superbly cool blog. As the name indicates, it’s dedicated to helping men discover the lost art of being authentically manly.  While not faith-based, it’s quickly become one of my favourites site, and you can sign up to receive periodic blog posts from them.  Some recent pieces of late that I’ve particularly enjoyed: “How to valet a car without looking like an idiot”; “Rediscovering the pocket knife”; and my favourite of late: “How to rip a phone book in half”!  It’s really fun and has great practical help for our efforts to be authentic men.

I seriously encourage all men to read it! Just the very first article I clicked on, 3 ways you should never start an online comment had me hooked!

Some gems include:

A man always says what he means.

and one of my pet peeves with today’s rhetoric (or rather, lack of):

“meh” aims to show one’s indifference to something based solely on its lack of alignment with one’s personal taste. It’s what you reach for when you lack the discipline to remain silent, or are too lazy to make an argument, and no thumbs up, thumbs down button is within reach.




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