Elijah Roy – the boy who would be Knight of Columbus!

IMG-20130511-00091The following is written by Rick Gagne, Deputy Grand Knight of Council 9125, Port Coquitlam. It is posted here for posterity and for more people to read the story of Elijah Roy. 

On May 11, we were blessed when Elijah Roy donned the Knights Regalia, fulfilling his dream to become a “Knight of Columbus” for the day of Port Coquitlam’s Centennial May Day Parade.  Elijah beamed with pride, wearing a Knight’s feathered cap, ceremonial sword, and sash, as he captained the Knights of Columbus Santa Maria Float through the streets of Port Coquitlam.  Brave Elijah lit up my day and that of many other Knights and spectators alike with his toothless, but infectious smile (see picture).

All the parade goers saw a happy and proud boy representing the Knights of Columbus on this special day.  However most did not know the full story as written by Elijah’s mom, Colleen in a recent issue of the BC Catholic.  Please keep Elijah in your prayers as he embarks on a difficult road against insurmountable odds.

Thank you to those Knights of Port Coquitlam who helped make Elijah’s dream of being a “Knight” come true for one day.

Thanks to Elemer Lazar, Dan Lazar, John Suter, Max Frohnweiser who organized and escorted Elijah, the very worthy “Knight of Columbus”.

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