FN’s Report – Mar 17th, 2013.

Worthy Sirs:

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day. As you all probably know, Saint Patrick was abducted from his family as a boy of 14 and taken to Ireland as a slave to the Druids, who had no belief in God. Through constant prayer, God revealed to him a way to escape, which he finally did, returning to his native England to be reunited with his family.

He returned to the land of his enslavement,  Ireland,  as a Bishop; preached and converted all of Ireland for 40 years using among other things, the shamrock as a symbol to explain the Holy Trinity.

As 4th degree Knights, the lesson that we can learn from St. Patrick is pretty obvious: To be a pious man devoted to his God. Its worth it to mention that all of Ireland is pretty much symbolized by the Shamrock, which shows us the power that a symbol can carry. The same symbol that we men of Christ carry whenever we are out there in Public as 4th degree Knights.

St. Patrick also displayed one of the most amazing (at least to the secular world) traits of being a Catholic. That of forgiveness for his captors. Here was a man who returned to the land that enslaved him – and instead of bringing bitterness and anger, as we see so much of in this world today – he brought forgiveness, love and conversion.

All of which brings me to the subject of the unpaid Invoices of our own very membership. I would like the Assembly to forgive the dues of those members in our Assembly who have not paid. There are a number of them, and without mentioning names, we basically are forgiving them of all the State Per Capita dues that the rest of the Assembly carries for them, the total amount being in the region of $60 or so.

I will bring this up under new business and we can either have a short discussion or a motion can be made about it and given what I have just spoken about St. Patrick, should easily pass.

Which brings us to the Easter, Holy Communion and Confirmation season that is very quickly coming upon us. This is the time for us to be out there, in full regalia when requested, and if not a colour corp member, then in tuxedos in uniform with your colour guard members.

Vivat Jesus

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