FN’s Report – Jan 13th 2013

Worthy Sirs:

The first order of business I would like to have for the first meeting  of the year, is for all of us to spend a minute of silence in remembrance of our Brother and Sir Knight Barrie Stickland who passed away suddenly last week at home in Kelowna. Brother Barrie as you may well know, held the office of State Warden and amongst others. I remember Barrie for his role as State Public Relations Chairman before I took over that position. Let us all remember Barrie as well as his grieving wife Marguerite, children Lindsay, Dan and Jamieson.


For your information, the date, times and other information of Barrie’s funeral have been posted at our website under the “News and Articles” section.

On to the rest of my report…
Welcome back to the Assembly! Well, chances are, we’ve already seen each other way before this meeting…at your council meetings, at our recent Executive Meeting, probably even at mass this morning. Still, as an Assembly, I think it’s fitting that we meet today on the first Assembly Meeting of the year with news of change.

The very first news is that our Assembly loses our Purser, Sir Knight Richard Aloysius, who’s also not able to attend today due to grandfather duties. SK Richard has been dispensing his duties with efficiency and high commitment. It is my fraternal duty to thank him and wish him well in his future endeavours.

I would also like to welcome SK Bob Jones, whom you already know as our Faithful Captain, as interim Purser. SK Bob has very kindly offered to quickly step into the void generated by SK Richard.

I would also like to quickly add that at the last Executive meeting, held on the usual 1st Monday of the month,  I handed 15 receipts to our newly minted Purser for dues. That is how many have paid so far out of our total membership. In the absence of our Faithful Comptroller, who sends us greetings from sunny Costa Rica, I will be sending out 1st Notices to the rest of the Membership before the end of this week. These notices will be sent electronically.

The assembly has been called upon to attend two major parades soon. The first, which is Port Moody’s 100th anniversary, is supposed to happen by the end of January. Initial contact has been made but I have yet to receive details of the parade. Our worthy Colour Commander will likely take care of that as soon as more information is forthcoming. The same goes for the city of Port Coquitlam, whom I understand to be having their parade on May 11th. I have yet to receive any official word on that, and invite any members how have received such info to advise our Worthy Colour Commander about it way in Advance.

We still have yet to hear from Father Scott about the presentation of his Honourary Life Membership card. Just putting it out there for our Worthy Colour Commander to follow up on.

To end my report, I would like us to remember that today is the Baptism of Our Lord Jesus Christ. And to remind ourselves that even He, the God Man Himself, who did not carry the stain of original sin, who literally had NO sin, humbled himself to Baptism with water by St. John the Baptist. And with that humbling step, opened up the Heavens to bring upon us the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. Let us remember that, with each and every act that we partake of.       Vivat Jesus.

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