FN’s Report – Sept 16th 2012

Worthy Sirs:

I bid you a hearty welcome and am very glad to see so many of you back here today, for the first meeting of the Fraternal Year, 2012-2013. I am happy to be of service as your Navigator again and trust and pray that all of you will give me your support. Now on to business:

There will be a joint-installation of officers on Saturday, 29th of September after the 5.30 pm Mass at St, Patrick’s in Maple Ridge. The installation proper will begin immediately after mass, and therefore members who are being installed are asked to attend the mass as well. The installation will be followed by a sumptuous dinner at the parish centre at 7.45 pm. It will be Roast Beef dinner with all the extras such as Roast potatoes, green beans, carrots, salad and a Chocolate Mousse desert, all for the price of $20.00.

I will need to confirm with Worthy FN Carl Foley on the actual number of attendants right after this meeting so that they can handle the catering. So far, I have the following people attending:

1. Mark Pan & Jessica
2. Richard and Diane Aloysius
3. Bob and Cathy Jones
4.  Martin Polz
5. Elemer and Judy Lazar
6. Rick and Twyla MacArthur
7. Larry and Diane Forseille

FN Carl requested that each member brings their own copy of the Installation of Officers Booklet (1355). I will email it to all officers so that you can print your own copy.

Unfortunately, the Worthy Master Tony Pimental is unable to officiate as he will be out of the Province on that date. In his place, we will have the Worthy PSD Doug Fox installing.

There is also an exemplification on Saturday, October 13tth. From St. Joseph’s we have a 3rd degree member of good standing, brother Conrad Alberts who would like to join as a 4th degree member. Unfortunately, I did not see him at mass today, so I don’t have his form yet.

In other news, I am pleased to announce the SK Al Alain has attained the coveted status of Honourary Life Member of our Assembly! I was not sure if he will attend today as he did not reply my email. I can only conclude that he is out of town at the moment. However, we will probably make a presentation on the day he shows up for a meeting.

I would also like to touch on the upcoming Man Alive Conference, which will be held on October 27th this year. The RCAV website has all the details of the speakers, costs and other details. I am here to strongly encourage every Catholic man to attend this one-day conference, and more importantly to bring a friend. If you don’t realize it yet, men are quite marginalized here in Canada. Coming from a third-world country, I see with my own eyes, the huge difference in the (for want of a better word) “quality” of men here.The feminization of men started long ago here. One may laugh silently at a man using hand lotion. But that is just an outward sign. What happens when a man gives up his family because “its just so difficult” these days? And then we have the even deeper things: Matters of faith, conviction and leadership. Sign up brothers. More importantly, sign up a friend, brother or colleague. Let us live the words that James told us in today’s 2nd reading: Show me your faith, by your works.

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