Colour Commander’s Report – Feb.2012

I have very little to report this month as far as activity goes but I want to take this opportunity to thank the Sir Knights who have participated at past events. Over all, our assembly color guard has been busy and already more requests for our participation have been received,i.e. St Joseph anniversary, confirmation and first communion in our parishes and the ever present possibility of funeral guards for deceased members or their families.

Unfortunately these have been quite prevalent in the last year. As you all know the fourth degree is the most visible arm of our order and as such we should make every effort to represent our fellow members to the best of our ability. All fourth degree members have been installed with basic regalia, social baldric, lapel pin and hopefully a tuxedo when they went through the exemplification process.

Our assembly is fortunate to have a spare cape, chapeau and two or three swords, which we can (and have) loaned out to a member who wishes to participate in an event such as the consecration of OL Assumption Church or the upcoming anniversary of St Joseph parish. At present we have ten members who have their own full regalia but of course due to other commitments not all will participate in any given event so I would encourage all members to purchase their own chapeau,cape and sword. (see me after the meeting or call me at 604 941 6410) so we can increase our color guard participation.

Yesterday, (11 Feb) I attended a Fourth Degree Exemplification in Richmond where 31 new Sir Knights were admitted to our ranks including four priests. Our ranks are growing and so it must because the demand for our services are growing as well. Viva t Jesu and God Bless Elemer Lazar PFN DM Color Commander

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